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PEUGEOT Catalytic Converter

PEUGEOT Catalytic Converter is required to reduce a car's exhaust emissions. It uses a combination of both heat and precious metals to produce a chemical reaction that converts harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before exiting the exhaust. The harmful exhaust gases flow through the catalytic converter monolith that is coated with precious metals and once it reaches full operating temperature the chemical reaction oxidises and converts the gases into less harmful ones before entering the atmosphere. Although PEUGEOT Catalytic Converters are relatively simple components, if they are faulty they will cause your car to fail the MOT emissions test. Not only does your catalytic converter reduce your car's exhaust emissions but in conjunction with the Lambda Sensor it determines just how much fuel your car uses. To find the correct PEUGEOT Catalytic Converter for your car simply input your vehicle details into the search facility to show what stock is available today or alternatively call one of our friendly expert advisors for assistance.
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